Specialising in fish, meat, poultry and shellfish 

Leisure Time 
It is one of my goals to serve my customers with delicious foods and more leisure time. Therefore, the delicious food that I am able to sell you is ready to cook. 
All the fish comes no skin, no bones and no fuss. The meat products are ready to cook and come with cooking instructions therefore saving you time and money and helping you have more leisure time. 
Nick the Fish 

FREE DELIVERY! Please note - we currently only deliver within a 15 mile radius of Hinckley 


Salad Prawns 
Juicy Norwegian cold water prawns (5% ice glaze). 
£42.50 1.8kg tray 
Cooked King Prawns 
Delicious cooked king prawns served with the tail left on to help with dipping! 
£42.50 1.8kg tray 
Raw Tiger Prawns 
Shell-less and de-veined, plump and ready to cook. 
£44.95 1.8kg tray 
Rock Lobster Tails 
8 prime Mexican lobster tails in their shells. 
£89.50 for 8 
King Scallops (roe on) 
Delicious king scallops with their roe on. (35% protective ice glace). 
£55.00 Served in a 2kg tray 
King Scallops (roe off) 
Probably the best king scallops with their roe off. (20% protective ice glace). 
£59.00 Served in a 2kg tray 
Seafood Cocktail 
A delicious combination of cooked prawns, calamari rings, and mussel meat. Ideal for salads, paella, risotto etc. 
£39.50 Served in a 2kg tray 
Green Lipped Mussels 
Giant cooked mussels in their shells, simply defrost and serve or cook in your favourite recipe. 
£39.50 Served in a 2kg tray 
Large cooked shell on prawns. 
£49.50 2kg 
Shell on eight inch prawns, 8 in a tray. 
£63.95 for 8 

Fish – All caught from sustainable and clean water 

FREE DELIVERY! Please note - we currently only deliver within a 15 mile radius of Hinckley 

Salmon Supreme - £56.95 for a tray of 12 
The salmon is probably my top seller and is from the Faroe Islands, located slightly south east of Iceland in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, reputed to be amongst the “cleanest waters of the world” and the fish stocks are thriving again. The salmon is supplied “no skin, no bones or no fuss”. 
Sea bass - £48.95 for 2kg tray (approx. 12 fillets) 
Sea bass is a delicate, firm white fish with a delicious flavour. I sell it filleted with the skin left on. 
Naturally smoked haddock  
Smoked the old fashioned way. 
£45 for 2kg tray 
Cod loins 
As cod can be a large fish, the fillet is often too big for a single portion. It is possible therefore the ? the cod loin which is cut from the middle part or fattest section of the fillet. Cod loins are short and fat compared to longer cod fillet and are considered the prime cut. Supplied no skin, no bones. 
£46 for a tray of 12 
Lemon sole 
A delicious flat fish. A delicate, sweet white fish and is best cooked simply, either grilled or fried and served with a sauce. 
£48 for 2kg tray 
Sea bream 
Very similar in flavour to sea bass, slightly thicker and oilier. 
£49.50 for 2kg tray 
Halibut steak 
Halibut is a thick white fish with an absolutely flavour. It contains more protein than almost any other fish and some meats. It is my personal favourite. As a youngster my grandmother “Ethel” use to treat us to it on a Friday night (if the fishman had any). She simply grilled it with pepper and served it with mashed potato, peas and parsley sauce. 
£56.50 for a tray of 10 
John Dory 
A delicious fish with a delicate white flesh and a firm flaky texture. A salt water fish, it has a mild, slightly sweet flavour and can be served sautéed, baked, steamed, poached or finely coated in breadcrumbs and fried. 
£48 for 2kg tray 
Filleted, packed in pairs with a knob of butter ready to cook 
£35 a tray 
Large plaice fillets 
£46 a tray 
Lemon sole 
Lemon sole is a misnomer since it is neither real sole and nor does it take of lemon. It is actually of the flounder (plaice & turbot) family. It has a delicate, sweet flavour and is best grilled or poached. 
A delicious white fish, so nice in fact the French refer to it as “white salmon”. It has a flavour as good as sea bass and is a bit more economical in price. 
Tuna loin steaks, no skin, no bone, no waste 
£42.95 10 steaks in a tray 
A delicious “meaty” fish. No skin, no bone, no waste. 
£46.50 10 steaks in a tray 

Order 3 or more trays and take £10 off your order - call today to get this discount! 07885 046 036  

FREE DELIVERY! Please note - we currently only deliver within a 15 mile radius of Hinckley 

Speciality Fish Trays 

Breaded Lemon Sole 
Filled with cheese, prawn, mushrooms and white wine sauce (top seller). 
£45 tray of 10 
Whole Tail Scampi 
Wholetail scampi coated in natural crumb (oven cookable) 
£41.50 2kg tray 
MIxed fishcakes 
Delicious and nutritious 
£41 tray of 24 
Salmon Shanti 
A delicious salmon burger with broccoli and dill sauce. 
£39 tray of 18 
Beer Battered Cod 
Cod fillet coated in a delicious beer batter. 
£39.95 tray of 10 
Battered haddock 
£39.95 tray of 10 
Breaded cod 
£39.95 tray of 10 
Breaded haddock 
£39.95 tray of 10 
Breaded plaice 
£39.95 tray of 10 
Breaded yellow fin sole 
£39.95 tray of 10 
A classic fish dish. Already coated, just need to be fried. A delicious appetizer or snack. 
£39.50 Served in a 2kg tray 

Mixed Fish Trays 

Not sure which delicious fish to choose, then why not order a mixed tray? 
Assorted Fish 10 - £43.50 
2 Salmon Supremes 
2 Cod loins 
2 Haddock fillets 
2 Natural smoked haddock fillets 
2 Plaice fillets 
Premier Mixed Fish C - £48.50 
4 Salmon Supremes 
4 Cod loins 
4 Natural smoked haddock 
Premier Mixed Fish B - £55 
2 Salmon Supremes 
2 Sea bass fillets 
2 Tuna loin steaks 
2 Sword fish steaks 
2 Cod loins 
2 Red snapper chunky steaks 


Breast of chicken Mexican 
Filled with spicy cheese, topped with tortilla chips. Delicious, cook from frozen. 
£48 tray of 10 
Breast of chicken Italian 
Filled with Parma ham and mozzarella, topped with spinach, peppers and mozzarella. 
£48 tray of 10 
Breast of chicken American 
Filled with cheese and bacon, topped with BBQ sauce. 
£48 tray of 10 
Breast of chicken Indian 
filled with cream cheese topped with Indian spices and vegetables. 
£48 tray of 10 
Breast of Chicken Cordon Bleu 
A classic dish filled with top quality ham and cheese, coated in natural crumb. 
£45 tray of 10 
Breast of Chicken Kiev 
Filled with garlic butter and coated in a natural crumb. 
£45 tray of 10 
Grade A Chicken breasts 
Plump Grade A chicken breasts will actually plump up when cooked as there is no added water. 
£39.95 tray of 10 
Chicken Bits for Chicken Kebabs 
Breaded chicken goujons 
Piri Piri chicken goujons 
Chicken En Croute Caprice 
Barbary Duck Breasts 
Don't delay order today! Call 07885 046 036 or fill out our order form. 

FREE DELIVERY! Please note - we currently only deliver within a 15 mile radius of Hinckley 


Ribeye 10oz - £65 tray of 10 
Corn fed Hereford Rump 8oz - £55 tray of 10 
Fillet 6oz - £85 tray of 10 
T-Bones 18oz - £89 tray of 6 
Venison - £56 tray of 8 
Ostrich - £68 tray of 10 
Plain lamb steaks - £54 tray of 10 
Minted Barnsley chops - £54 tray of 10 
Minted lamb steaks - £52 tray of 10 

The Parcel Selection 

This is a delicious range of handmade parcels. They are locally produced using only top-quality ingredients and wrapped in succulent pastry. Ideal to cook from frozen, givng you more time for yourself. 
Steak and Guinness – tray of 10 £53.95 
Minted Lamb – tray of 10 £53.95 
Chicken, Bacon and Leek – tray of 10 £53.95 
Venison – tray of 10 £53.95 
Broccoli and Brie – tray of 10 £53.95 
Mediterranean Vegetable and Goats Cheese – tray of 10 £53.95 
Gluten Free – tray of 10 £53.95 
Beef Wellington – tray of 10 £59.95 
Mixed tray of three types – Tray of 12 £59.95 

I am always delighted to supply a delicious selection of handmade desserts. 

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